Aywens Calibrated Coffee Tamper

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Aywens Calibrated Coffee Tamper

Technical Specifications

  • Smart touch featurePortafilter alignment

    Dual piston technology

    Macaron feature

    Base: 58mm flat 304 steel

    Body: Brass

    Maximum tamping force: 15 kg

    Weight: 680 g

    Height: 130 mm



Aywens Calibrated Coffee Tamper

Macaron and dynamometric pressure control combined in one product.

Description: Aywens Coffee Tamper, which stands out with its remarkable design, is to achieve maximum efficiency brewing and to prevent taste changes with compression sizes, aiming to have the same taste in every coffee.


Flattening (Macaron)

Thanks to its smart contact feature, the steel base automatically makes contact with the coffee according to the amount of coffee in the portafilter. It flattens the coffee with a twisting motion, distributes it homogeneously in the portafilter and prepares the ground for brewing.


Macaron placement squares the portafilter from its top and distributes the pressure to be applied evenly, ensuring maximum brewing with equal strength at every point of the coffee.

Compression Ratio

Thanks to its portable dimensions with double pistons, it adjusts the desired pressure level, preventing usage differences from different compression sizes and ensuring the stability of the coffee extension time.

What is Double Piston System?

Even if there are different weights of coffee in the portafilter, after the first piston goes on the portafilter, it closes between the spoon and the coffee and allows it to meet with the coffee. It distributes the coffee evenly into the portafilter with a twisting motion and prepares the ground before compression. The compression process takes place by the contact of the second piston with the coffee, so it is somehow applied using the pressure force.


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